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About Us

The Gaming Studio is the place to be for true — and emerging — gamers on Long Island, a perfect fit for children and young teens with an interest in game design technology.

Run by career gamers, our mission is to exceed all expectations by providing top level instruction, unmatched support and unreasonable fun for each member of The Gaming Studio family. We do all of this in a high tech space that brings the young gamers and coders of Long Island together to work on projects in person… using, exploring and celebrating the emerging technology that is quickly making its way into our schools, colleges and businesses worldwide.
Our space not only gives your gamer a place to enjoy their passion for technology, but also provides them with early experience in the rapidly growing field of game design.

Through our various programs, children and young teens share ideas through team projects, while also building their STEM skill set under the guidance of passionate educators that have experience in real world of game design.

The Gaming Studio is the first of its kind in the heart of Long Island, providing young gamers the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills in a high-tech working space, while offering parents an outside option that further supports their children’s interests and strengths in the field of game design.

Meet our Program Director

We are experienced technology enthusiasts that strive to work with the individual needs of every student that walks through our doors. Bringing an insatiable passion for teaching technology, The Gaming Studio’s Program Director is the talented Dr. Roberto Joseph (aka Dr. J.). Roberto — an Associate Professor and Graduate Director of Educational Technology programs at Hofstra University — leads curriculum design and instructor hiring and training, insuring The Gaming Studio is always able to offer the best instruction around.

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The Gaming Studio is far more than an after school drop off spot or summer camp option. Bringing Long Island gamers only the best in instruction — served up in a fun and social atmosphere — The Gaming Studio has carved out a unique space for like-minded children and young teens to learn and explore game design. Our courses, programs and camps all deliver fun, instruction and social stimulation, all in an environment that replicates the real working spaces in the rapidly growing field of video game design.

Good news parents: It’s not ALL fun and games. While we love tech as much as we love having fun WITH tech, our career gamers (led by Dr. J) are thrilled to see the world catch on to the importance of having a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) focus in education. STEM education is increasingly being used as a measurement of college readiness and you can’t help but notice the incredible growth of STEM-based jobs in the world’s workforce.

Statistics show that careers in STEM are one of the largest growing occupations. With this vast projection of job growth, colleges across the country are looking for students out of high school with a background in STEM. The Gaming Studio is fully committed to providing the space, know-how and guidance to give your child the extra advantage he or she needs to fully explore their love of technology. Enrolling in one or more of our programs is additional time with which your child is exploring STEM and related discipline.